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Safeguard life's most important memories and important documents in a Memories Vault

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Enjoy your own secure data storage space to keep all your documents, photos and videos safe and easily accessible. Because your life deserves more than a shoebox.

Store a lifetime of memories.

Upload and store a lifetime of media including your family photos, videos and documents in your Vault.

Digitise and organise your way.

Share what you want on your Timeline, or keep to yourself in the Vault. Nominate someone to inherit access to the Vault to keep your memories living.

Easy to use

Enjoy specially designed features to make the process of uploading and updating your Vault quicker and easier. (If you don’t get distracted by memory lane along the way!) Plus, there’s 24/7 tech support if you need.

Memories at your fingertips.

Create, view, and edit your Memories wherever you are with our companion app.

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