Future Messages

Memories lets you send messages to loved ones or yourself weeks, months and years into the future. It's your modern-day time capsule.

Record a message

with text, photographs or videos

Choose who to send it to

by adding their email and phone

Your message is delivered

months, years or decades from now

Record your messages

This could be a celebratory message for a loved one on their birthday, a shared anniversary or a farewell message to be remembered by.

A modern-day time capsule

Your message will be held in trust by Memories on Amazon Web Services until it's ready to be delivered.

Delivered into the future

Memories will send your message via email and text message to your loved one at the date specified by you.

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“Great alternative to Facebook”


A great alternative to Facebook I downloaded the app to gather photos from a recent trip to share with family and friends. The app is easy to use, interface is really clean and there are zero ads which is a nice change.

Our promise to you

We will always try and deliver your message to your loved one at the time of your choosing. However if for some reason the Future Messages service ceases to exist we will send all messages to the intended recipients ahead of time.

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Join hundreds of thousands of people around the world and celebrate your loved one's life with a Memories online memorial.
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About Memories

Memories is the easy-to-use online platform to tell, share, and save your stories for future generations. Private. Secure. Ad-free.

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